Artificial Intelligence Integration in Event Management

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Artificial Intelligence Integration in Event Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools save time and money, but using AI can enhance live event management and make the job of an event planner simpler. Let's examine how event organizers can use AI to improve their upcoming live events.

Since AI's initial appearances in science fiction books and films, it has had a negative reputation. AI has been portrayed as technology gone wrong in everything from the 1960s sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey to the red-eyed Terminator character, who has become a cultural icon. The truth is that AI now provides novel approaches to improving our quality of life.

A recent survey from 2018 found that 88% of event professionals planned to use AI, an increase of 107% from 2017 (42%). Event planners are quickly seeing the benefits of including AI in their to-do lists.

Using AI can improve event planning efficiency and increase attendees' satisfaction across all aspects of the event, including attendee engagement and venue security. Check out how AI is being used in live event workflows and execution by event production, event management, and even planners.

Event Management

There are choices available to the live event sector as well, and many businesses employ AI to streamline and improve their operations. AI is useful for event organizers:

Large amounts of data should be sorted through and processed to determine the optimal places.

Find the ideal vendor for their event's requirements

Styckie, a new event planning start-up, has created a clever AI to find and link planners to appropriate vendors based on their event demands and optimal venue location, increasing efficiency through quicker decision-making.

Keep a watch on event planning software providers because this market will only expand. They are increasingly including AI and machine learning technologies in their systems.

Enhancing Event Experience and Engagement with AI


Conversational tools known as chatbots offer a straightforward user interface for chat-driven discussion. They aid AI programs in providing answers to searches that are consistent. They frequently appear as the little helper pop-ups in the bottom corner of websites. They have received human-language training to respond to inquiries in a variety of ways. There are an increasing number of reasons why chatbots are so popular, and they are becoming more and more common in our daily lives. Chatbots are:

  1. Affordable and scalable for every size event, from big to small and intimate, chatbots
  2. Available as add-ons to widely used programs, such as Facebook Messenger, with little to no learning curve for users.
  3. On call 365 days a year and don't need more staff as demand rises.
  4. No matter who is asking, immediately and consistently give participants event-specific information Chatbots are the perfect pre-event, event-day, and post-event support crew.
  5. Real-time information on the emotions and happiness of event attendees
  6. Able to determine the most relevant presentation, discussion panel, or workshop for each guest by analyzing their interests.

Chatbots will soon be able to assess event input and feedback, social media, attendee statistics, and more. With this knowledge, they will be able to create a schedule that will give them the best event experience. It will even be able to target and customize social media advertising for the best return on investment. Not yet utilizing chatbots for live events? For your upcoming live event, they can offer a wide range of information and engagement.

Event Application

Applications for AI events often operate similarly to chatbots. They have the advantage of being more resilient and providing a wide range of possibilities. Events schedules, visible documents and presentations, registration features, and on-demand chat capabilities can all be incorporated into an AI program that has been designed. Large amounts of documentation and information on events can be found in apps. These capabilities enable a more seamless event launch and the opportunity to provide your attendees with a high degree of help while spending less on staff labor.

Additional Benefits of Applications and Chatbots

1. For attendees, provide language translation to eliminate linguistic obstacles.

2. Enhance networking opportunities by putting together attendees with like-minded interests

3. Drive attendees with the best prospects to vendors to increase vendor satisfaction.

4. environmentally friendly, with a decrease in the demand for paper schedules, handouts, and surveys.

Even though developing AI event apps is more expensive, this solution has the potential to save a lot of money and labor over the long run. Find out what AI features your preferred provider of event management software is currently offering or will be introducing shortly in order to enhance your live event experience.

Event security and AI

Live events must be safe and secure for attendees in a time when security and safety issues are frequently in the headlines. With tools like facial recognition and biometric registration, artificial intelligence is at the forefront of event security. These techniques make it possible to verify attendees' identities more precisely while minimizing oversight and human error.

Instead of having to manually check each credential, video surveillance can be utilized to scan attendees as they pass through venue entrances, for instance. These AI security solutions also have the benefit of preventing badge switching or even the improper usage of stolen badges.

Although the price of AI security solutions can be high, it may be equal to or even lower than the cost of additional personnel and the time required for traditional approaches. In the end, you need to consider how important attendee safety is to both you, the event planner, and those in attendance. Most people will favor security over price.

How AI Aids the Production of Event Metrics and ROI

Of course, we had to discuss how AI can collect quantifiable data for event metrics and ROI before we could wrap up this overview. The most useful comments and suggestions are quickly gathered. The information obtained from surveys is more accurate and up-to-date the earlier they are deployed.

But what if you could record attendees' instantaneous responses and remarks during the event? Nothing is overlooked or forgotten. Our chatbot companion returns to action at this point. You may use AI to conduct polls and surveys throughout the event, following presentations and keynote speakers, even during networking and happy hour events, with the right chatbot implementation. The more information you have, the more strategically you will prepare for and make decisions in the future.

Thanks to this degree of quick and accurate feedback, you will receive essential information to utilize in evaluating the performance of your event and organizing the next one. You will be smarter with decisions and planning in the future if you can collect better data.

Event organizers will be able to concentrate on the parts of their jobs that will benefit their events, vendors, and attendees the most thanks to artificial intelligence!

There is no need to be afraid of AI. Think of it as a cutting-edge instrument that you should eagerly approach, embrace, and incorporate. Most significantly, AI can speed up and improve live event planning, increase engagement, tighten security, increase event safety, and record more guest data and feedback than ever before. The outcomes you will obtain by incorporating AI into your subsequent live event are not artificial in any way! Take advantage of the wonders of the future now!

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